The EDI Institute to Measure Clinical Outcomes

Our strategic partnership with McLean Hospital is an exciting milestone in the evolution of the EDI Institute. Over the past year, we have collaborated with McLean to integrate and test Expressive Digital Imagery® (EDI) across multiple therapeutic inpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization programs. This has been a period of innovation, refinement, and qualitative assessment for the EDI Institute’s technology.

The McLean partnership now positions us to move forward with the next important step in the use of Expressive Digital Imagery®: scientifically measuring impact on clinical outcomes. With McLean, we are currently designing clinical studies that can be validated and published. Fortunately, well-established and accepted research protocols exist that will enable us to begin quantifying impact using short-term measurements over the next 12 months. Longer term, we will also utilize longitudinal studies to track EDI’s effects on individual patient outcomes.

Posted December 9, 2015

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