The EDI Institute Reflects on the TEDxBeaconStreet Experience

TEDxBeaconStreet 2015 was an energizing and inspiring experience. Prior to my talk on Sunday afternoon, we engaged with many of the nearly 2,500+ attendees through a hands-on EDI Institute project designed in conjunction with the TEDx team. Starting with ordinary photographs taken in the exhibit hall with iPads, people used our MyMoments mobile app on the devices to create expressive images of “Resilience.” It was gratifying to watch people engage so thoughtfully and creatively with Expressive Digital Imagery® and to hear many ideas about how the application can benefit those facing life’s challenges. This video includes a sampling of the many images that were created during the weekend.

As for my talk, I am extremely grateful for the encouragement we have received from those who watched and who, in many cases, can relate personally to the stories I shared. In particular, I am moved by the people who have told me that they know their own “Peter” or “Jonathan” (the fictitious names I used in my talk) who could benefit from The EDI Institute’s program. I am also excited that we have already received several inquiries from various organizations that are now interested in exploring how our technology can be integrated into their therapeutic programs.

The official TEDx video will be posted shortly, and in the meantime highlights are available on our website.

Posted December 9, 2015

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