EDI vs. Photography

With Expressive Digital Imagery® (EDI) we never speak about “photography.” Why? Because EDI is all about personal expression, and has nothing to do with the photographic skills of those who use it.

EDI images happen to begin as digital photographs that participants either take from their own devices, create in the moment, or access through copyright-free websites. But very quickly, these photographs are transformed using the MyMoments Mobile app into deeply expressive images that often bear very little resemblance to their original forms. And EDI makes it all possible with no particular artistic skills, training, or supplies. Participants take pride in their imagery  because of how it expresses complex feelings and emotions in powerful new ways – not because of photographic merit.

These are a few of our favorite examples demonstrating the transformation that often occurs between original photographs and the eventual final expressive images.


Posted February 23, 2016

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