A Single Image Tells a Powerful Story

Ariana is a survivor of human trafficking who now works to support and empower exploited youth at My Life My Choice. She created this image during a workshop for staff members. With this single image, Ariana tells a powerful story of her past, present, and future. She explained to her fellow staff members that her past, and knowing how many people have gone through similar experiences, is what inspires her to do the work that she does today.

Ariana divided the image into three distinct parts. Using the MyMoments app and FingerBrush technique, she was able to apply different effects to each part of the image. She explained that the gray section of the image represents her past. Parts of this section are blurred to show that some of her memories are obscured, while others are clear. The gray area leads into the present, which is depicted by the purple section. She explained that she feels more grounded and whole today, but that she is not yet where she wants to be. Finally, the glowing green and yellow circle in the center in the image illustrates her aspirations for the future. She looks towards this bright light and knows that she will continue moving forward in her life.

Past Present Future

One of the most powerful aspects of Expressive Digital Imagery is its ability to help individuals share their stories. Through single images like this one, or with a series of images, participants in all types of groups and workshops are telling stories of their personal journeys.

Posted June 3, 2016

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