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EDI is one of the few innovations I’ve seen in recent years with the potential to increase therapeutic engagement, enrich the therapy experience, and improve the effectiveness of virtually any approach for treating a variety of psychiatric disorders."

Patient and clinician response to EDI has been tremendously positive, and we believe this new approach has the potential to improve patient treatment outcomes.”

“EDI is also greatly impacting as a group process. Patients tend to share more as the topic has become externalized, and there is just something about an image that creates that “pull” of feelings.”

With over 40 years of clinical, professional, and educational work, I have never found a more creative, accessible, and pioneering intervention for therapeutic advancements.”

Response from participants in NAMI classes using EDI to communicate, support, and connect with each other through images created on smartphones and tablets has been tremendously positive. We believe that EDI can play an important role helping adults in recovery with their healing."

EDI so deeply and graciously connects people to each other in the hope and possibility of recovery. A unique and healing experience for all involved!!"

I barely have the words to describe the difference that [EDI] made for me on a personal level.It opened up a whole new medium for self-exploration and communication with others.

EDI gives an invaluable alternative to patients that struggle with articulating their experience, a common trait in behavioral health. EDI can speed up the process of treatment as it opens doors to conversations that normally may take weeks to accomplish."