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I loved EDI and I learned a lot from myself and other people through images that were created. It brought out people's creative side especially mine that I did not know was there. Being creative and feeling accomplished is an important part of not just recovery but life and EDI helps in that aspect."

I love finding creative ways to express the experience, the feeling in my body and mind. It is the first time in my life I have felt successfully creative. Wow. And our discussions in the group, our shared experiences, are phenomenal."

I loved EDI. I feel as though it really contributed to my recovery and helped me greatly. I'm usually not creative and this program gave me an easy way to become creative. And the more I worked on images, the more creative I seemed to get.

To see the quiet people put the most deep, meaningful picture on their slide show that you would’ve never thought would come out of that person. To see people blossom throughout the program. Once they’re on their second slideshow, they’re talking. They’re describing themselves. It was great. People were sitting up straighter that were hunched over when they first came in.”

I feel it [EDI] has already enhanced my life... I will be immersed in it during my journey through breast cancer treatment for the next 18 months. Enjoyable and a real visual escape, like meditation. Thank you, thank you!"

It was enjoyable and it was something new which made my treatment more vibrant and I felt more engaged than other treatment centers in the past."