EDI Discovery Pilots

To facilitate the integration of Expressive Digital Imagery® (EDI), organizations often begin with EDI Discovery Pilots. These 90-minute customized pilots enable staff and participants to experience EDI first-hand in the context of an actual workshop organized around a relevant theme. The pilots enable organizations to assess opportunities for integrating EDI and the associated benefits for the populations they serve. Participants in these workshops receive training in the use of the MyMoments Mobile EDI app, an opportunity to create and share imagery in a group setting, and printed copies of their imagery. There is no charge for the EDI Discovery Pilots, which are designed to be an easy way for organizations to experience and assess the value of EDI for those they serve.

This video contains imagery from a recent EDI Discovery Pilot we conducted at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for a group of patients with Lyme disease. The theme Spaulding chose was “My experience with Lyme disease,” and the resulting imagery enabled very open and emotional sharing and connection among the participants.

Posted January 18, 2016

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