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Partners - EDI Institute
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The EDI Institute and McLean Hospital, the top-ranked psychiatric hospital in the country, have established a strategic partnership to implement and study EDI in clinical settings across a wide variety of psychiatric conditions, levels of care, and delivery models. McLean has led the nation in the early use of EDI, and has successfully implemented EDI in multiple therapeutic, staff, and school programs. The EDI Institute is providing McLean with priority access to EDI innovations, and McLean is serving as an ongoing learning laboratory for the integration and testing of EDI.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is a nationally renowned organization working with healthcare professionals to ensure that compassion, respect and empathy are at the core of all healthcare interactions. The Gold Foundation is well known for the Gold Humanism Honor Society and its 25,000+ doctors recognized for practicing patient-centered care. The EDI Institute has entered into a strategic partnership with the Gold Foundation to integrate EDI into Tell Me More®, the Gold Foundation’s newest strategic initiative aimed at creating a culture of compassion in healthcare institutions everywhere.

The EDI Institute and the Yale School of Medicine have entered into an exciting research partnership to study the effects of EDI on outcomes of patients with heart disease. The research will explore how EDI can enhance standard secondary prevention therapies for patients recuperating from cardiac events, and help improve psychosocial supports, patient adherence, and enrollment.

The Expressive Therapies Program at Lesley University is partnering with the EDI Institute to enhance its training of graduate students and to collaborate with faculty on research into the effectiveness of using digital imagery for therapeutic purposes.