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Eli Lilly and Company

The EDI Institute is excited to be partnering with Lilly at cancer centers across the country. Lilly Moments was created in support of Lilly's ongoing commitment to enhance the patient experience. Contact us to learn more.

Cleveland Clinic

After multiple successful EDI pilot programs, Cleveland Clinic is integrating EDI into caregiver wellness initiatives throughout the hospital system. Under the direction of the Clinic’s Office of Caregiver Experience, the EDI platform is supporting the organization’s commitment to help caregivers find purpose in their work, and to manage the effects of stress and burnout.

The EDI Institute and McLean Hospital, the top-ranked psychiatric hospital in the country, have established a strategic partnership to implement and study EDI programs in clinical settings across a wide variety of psychiatric conditions, levels of care, and delivery models. McLean has led the nation in early EDI implementation, and has successfully integrated EDI practices in multiple therapeutic, staff, and school programs. The EDI Institute is providing McLean with priority access to EDI innovations, and McLean is serving as an ongoing learning laboratory for the integration and testing of EDI practices.

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the leading cancer centers in the country, was the first healthcare institution to adopt EDI practices — initially as part of The Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies. Dana-Farber is now expanding its use of EDI programs across multiple patient and staff areas, with the long-term goal of integrating expressive imagery into the fabric of patient and staff experiences across the institute.

Gosnold on Cape Cod, one of the country’s leading providers of addiction and mental health services, has led the nation in the use of EDI programs for addiction treatment. Gosnold is integrating EDI practices broadly into therapeutic programs across multiple levels of care as part of its ongoing strategy to develop innovative approaches for improving treatment outcomes.


The Pediatric Transplant Program at MassGeneral Hospital (MGH) for Children has integrated EDI practices into an innovative new mentorship program. Transplant patients frequently experience a lack of psychosocial support, impacting health outcomes. To enhance connection and support, patients create EDI images to express their difficult journeys as transplant recipients.

Old Colony Hospice is a free-standing, non-profit, accredited healthcare organization that provides services through a core staff of registered nurses, social workers, counselors, volunteers, hospice aides, and consultants. Old Colony Hospice has been providing compassionate hospice care since 1979 and is proud to serve over 50 Massachusetts cities and towns in our service area. Old Colony Hospice is integrating EDI practices into the compassionate care services that it provides for patients and into staff programs.

Kane County

Kane County Adult Incarceration Center has incorporated EDI programs into its comprehensive offerings for inmates in support the institution’s job training and skill development programs. During EDI groups, participants create powerful, expressive images, helping build skills of self-expression, creativity, and interpersonal connection.

The Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale is one of the country’s top centers for cancer care and research. Smilow leadership made the decision to integrate EDI programs for both patient and healthcare providers as an innovative approach for improving the patient experience. EDI practices have been implemented broadly across a variety of Smilow patient and provider programs.

Bridgeport Hospital, part of Yale New Haven Health, is a leading regional acute care hospital serving patients from across Connecticut. Bridgeport is implementing EDI practices throughout programs for patients, families, and caregivers across diverse areas including geriatrics, psychiatry, and pediatrics.