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Expressive Digital Imagery© (EDI)

EDI promotes healing, connection, and self-expression through imagery created on mobile devices. The EDI solution is an integrated collection of technologies, best practices, and measurement tools designed to be integrated easily into patient and provider programs in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

The EDI platform consists of two technology components:

MyMoments Mobile

MyMoments is an app developed specifically for self-expression through digital imagery. MyMoments is designed for individuals at all levels of technical proficiency, allowing expressive imagery to be created quickly and with minimal training. Images created through the MyMoments app help participants to express complex emotions in ways beyond what is possible through words alone. MyMoments allows for powerful and creative self-expression, and requires no artistic skills.

MyMoments Cloud

MyMoments Cloud is a web-based platform that allows EDI facilitators to view and share imagery created during EDI workshops. Images are organized into EDI Workshops and Collections, allowing facilitators to create interactive slideshows during group sessions, and to generate videos and imagery in various printed formats to be made available to participants.


EDI Integration

EDI is integrated into patient and provider programs through multiple models, including:

Patient Therapy

EDI is designed to be integrated into existing behavioral health therapies to increase their effectiveness. EDI has been used in conjunction with leading evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Clinical Leadership Sessions

EDI is frequently incorporated into clinical leadership sessions to promote connection and teamwork among staff. Workshop themes are often chosen based on specific organizational goals.

Clinical Staff Workshops

EDI can be embedded into provider workshops designed to enhance communication, connection, and teamwork. EDI is customized to seamlessly integrate into existing workshop formats, enhancing these programs through expressive imagery.

Multi-Day Retreats

The use of EDI as part of a multi-day retreat provides the opportunity for the exploration of multiple topics and themes through expressive imagery.


Technology Requirements


  1. iPads: iPads require minimal storage and do not need to have the latest technology. We often recommend refurbished iPads. As long as the iPad can run iOS 11, it is sufficient
  2. Projector: We recommend the Epson VS250 or comparable projector
  3. Cables/connectors: You will need an HDMI cable, HDMI to lightning adapter, and extension cord
  4. Hotspot: If your organization’s wireless network is not strong, you may want to consider purchasing a mobile hotspot.


  1. Color Printer: We recommend the HP OfficeJet 250, but there are many small and affordable option.
  2. Laminator: Though not required, we often recommend laminating cards and prints. Many laminators are available for under $50
  3. iPad cases: We recommend tri-folding iPad cases. These can be purchased from many vendors and are usually around $10 each on Amazon.
  4. Move “Extras” folder to second screen


iPad Configuration

Initial Set-up

  1. Turn on iPad and go through the initial set-up steps, using “Set Up Manually.” When prompted, select “Restore from iCloud backup”
  2. Enter the Apple ID and password provided by the EDI Institute
  3. Choose latest backup
  4. Perform any iOS updates as needed (“Settings” is found in the “Extras” folder)
  5. Go to “General” settings and “Name”. Change the device name to the next sequential number, such as [Your Organization] XXX. We recommend putting stickers on the back of your iPads to match the device name on each iPad.

Download the MyMoments App

  1. Download “MyMoments.org” from the App Store
  2. Open the MyMoments App and enter access code provided by the EDI Institute
  3. Click “Load Image” and give app access to Camera Roll
  4. Move “Extras” folder to second screen