Our Growing Partnership with Eli Lilly and Company

The EDI Institute’s partnership with Eli Lilly and Company continues to grow, with exciting new work spreading to cancer centers across the country.

Through this collaboration, Lilly professionals are bringing EDI to healthcare providers to help facilitate connection and conversation around important themes including teamwork, adapting to change, and personal resilience.

EDI’s Partnership with Eli Lilly and Company

The EDI Institute is excited to share our new partnership with Eli Lilly and Company at cancer centers across the country. Called “Lilly Moments”, this program was created in support of Lilly’s commitment to enhance the patient experience.

We consider our collaboration with Lilly to be an important validation of the power of EDI imagery to promote healing, connection, and self-expression.

Explore our site or contact us directly to learn more about our work with Lilly and other exciting developments at the EDI Institute.

EDI Supports Healthcare Providers by Facilitating Teamwork and Connection

Stress and burnout among providers has become a major issue in hospitals, as the pressures of today’s healthcare environment often become barriers to the delivery of high quality care.

EDI is now being used in many organizations to facilitate teamwork and connection, and ultimately to help improve healthcare outcomes. Images like this one help providers express themselves and communicate with each other in ways often not possible through words alone.

EDI Helps Patients with Addiction Convey Challenging Emotions

A young woman being treated for addiction created this image to convey her emotions to her clinician. She was able to express herself in ways that went beyond what would have been possible through words alone. By enabling this type of expression, EDI is helping enhance the effectiveness of evidence-based therapies in a wide variety of therapeutic settings.